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Why have I chosen the dragonfly to represent my blog? A dragonfly symbolizes strength, transformation, self-realization, adaptability and wisdom. There are no greater adjectives to describe the journey of survivors of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. 

Admittedly, I struggled with the decision to blog about my recovery as a narcissistic abuse survivor. Initially I didn’t want to be so exposed and vulnerable again. But the truth is what helps me and others heal. 

I’m not interested in wasting time dispelling the lies and disproving the smear campaign waged against me. What I’m focused on is continuing my healing journey and helping you heal too. 

During and after abuse we are drowning in emotions like hopelessness, anger, grief, fear. They wreck havoc on our diet, appearance, hormones, overall health and so much more. Fully healing after abuse means supporting our bodies to reverse the damage. There is a scientific, proven connection between our physical health, nutrition and our emotions. So the healthier we are on the inside, the more hopeful, inspired, confident, motivated we will be about our future and visa versa. 

My work as an Abuse Recovery Coach is rooted in my experience as a Certified Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Certified Natural Health Professional. My education proved invaluable while I was still with my abusers and since leaving. I’ve seen the amazing transformations in myself and my clients after abuse with specialized holistic care. You are a whole person, so healing must include all of the following:

Mind – step by step support, education, validation, empathy and guidance as you navigate every challenge and stage of healing.

Body – reversing the physical health affects of the abuse not limited to food addictions, insomnia, weight challenges with personalized nutrition education, alternative methods and self-care.

Soul – optimistically set goals for your life, career, relationships and a safe, secure future.

This is why I share healing recipes, lifestyle recommendations and my nutrition expertise in addition to my own personal experiences with you here. 

Frankly, the path to recovery is long but not impossible and you don’t have to do it alone. You may still have occasional rough days, but we can take a lesson from the sun. The sun doesn’t shine it’s brightest every day, but it does shine and we’ll keep on moving too!

Thanks for being here! If you have any questions or want me to share more about a specific topic regarding narcissistic abuse, health, healing, nutrition, etc., tell me. Everything is confidential! I do not share or sell your information and you will be kept anonymous. I take your privacy very seriously.

I’m really excited! Enjoy <3,

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