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Kimberly’s Story —

Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, Certified Practitioner & Health Coach, CHHC, CNHP, AADP

Narcissistic or Hidden Abuse is deliberate, soul destroying, verbal, emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, sexual and/or physical abuse unlike any other. It is perpetrated by seemingly charming and well-liked ‘family’, ‘friends’, employers, neighbors and others in our lives.

It is so insidious, covert and behind-closed-doors that the abuse and subsequent invalidation takes a toll on every aspect of your life including your physical health. 

Unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, you can’t completely understand it! But you are NOT alone, you are NOT crazy, it IS abuse, it is NOT your fault and you CAN completely heal too.  

I’m a survivor of narcissistic abuse. You don’t have to heal alone. I share the lessons I’ve learned along the way with you and will support you in every stage of your recovery.

Unexpectedly, my expertise as a survivor, Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, Certified Practitioner and Health Coach was invaluable in coping during the abuse and healing after. There’s a scientific, proven connection between our physical health, nutrition and our emotions. 

So I decided to use my experience and education to help others to break free and thrive too…mind, body and soul too.

Mind – step by step support, education, validation, empathy and guidance as you navigate every challenge and stage of healing.

Body – reversing the physical health affects of the abuse not limited to food addictions, insomnia, weight challenges with personalized nutrition education and self-care.

Soul – optimistically set goals for your life, finances, career, relationships and a safe, secure future.

My life is now full of health, happiness and true friends. I hope it gives you comfort and hope to know you will heal and thrive too and I’ll support you along the way.

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  • Renewed health, energy and radiance
  • Freedom from negative affects of the abuse
  • Clarity and hope for your next steps in life

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