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Break Free from Hidden Abuse

Silent Treatment. Controlling. Manipulative. Pathological Lying. Guilt Tripping.  

  • Does someone you know or love treat you like that?
  • Are they charming to everyone but are a completely different person with you (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) ?
  • Do they refuse to be accountable for their behavior and guilt and blame you for everything?
  • Do they constantly make you feel like you are going crazy?
  • Do you feel like something is wrong with your relationship but can't 'put your finger on it'?

Be empowered to heal your health and life after abuse.
Heal body, mind and soul

What is Hidden Abuse? Hidden abuse is also known as toxic relationships, narcissistic abuse or domestic violence.

The abuse includes physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, spiritual, financial and/or sexual abuse.

It takes a toll on every aspect of your life including your physical health. I will help you take back control of your:


Break free from your weight & digestive challenges, insomnia, low energy, food addictions & allergies, hormonal imbalances, brain fog, etc.


Break free from your confusion, indecision, negative self-talk, self-neglect, loneliness, grief, anger, hurt, self-sabotage, etc.


Break free from your isolation, worries, fear, hopelessness, regret, invalidation,
self-doubt, insecurity, financial worries, lack of motivation, etc.

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Be empowered to thrive & heal

Working with me will empower you to thrive, heal and recover from the health, emotional and lifestyle damage caused by the abuse

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Abuse Recovery & Wellness
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What clients say..

These are opportunities for you to meet with other survivors in a safe, confidential environment to learn, share and get your questions answered

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery & Wellness Coaching

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Session

30 Minutes or 1 Hour
Young Woman Having Counselling Session

Mind / Body / Soul

I want you to have the greatest chance of recovery from the abuse and create your future with confidence and pride.

You will leave the session re-energized, validated and inspired to take action immediately so you feel more confident and empowered to live the healthy, happy life you deserve.

Phone & video session

Free Session

Freedom to Transform Abuse Recovery Program

6-Week Program**

Mind / Body / Soul

6 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Develop your Life, Financial & Health Goals

Stress & Trigger Management

Personalized Self-Care Plan

Daily Affirmations & Self-Discovery

Customized Nutrition Plan

A safe and confidential space to share

Guidance, validation, empathy & support

Phone & video sessions

Free Session

You will break free and thrive too…mind, body and soul:

Mind – step by step support, empathy, education, validation and guidance as you navigate every challenge and stage of healing and breaking free

Body – counter the physical health affects of the abuse including food addictions, insomnia, weight challenges, etc

Soul – optimistically set goals for your life, career, finances, relationships and a safe, secure future

What you will achieve...

  • Restored confidence and optimism for your future
  • Empowerment to identify and limit exposure to toxic behavior
  • Renewed health, energy and radiance
  • Freedom from negative affects of the abuse
  • Clarity and hope for your next steps in life

You will transform mind, body and soul!